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Each year we issue many 100’s of reports to support planning applications and have successfully undertaken projects in the following Counties:

Berkshire, Bristol, Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Devon (All Councils), Dorset (All Councils), East Sussex, Gloucester (Several Councils), Hampshire (All Councils), Herefordshire, Isle of Wight, Leicestershire, Rutland, Somerset (All Councils), Surrey (Several Councils), West Sussex, Wiltshire.


Whilst it would be misleading to claim that every project goes smoothly, it is true to state that we have never had a planning application refused as a result of our ecological submission.


Our guarantee to you: If you follow our advice and the planning permission for your project is declined by the LPA due to inadequate ecological data/reporting, we will refund in full the fees you have paid to us.


Periodically, we are required to inform a client that the potential ecological impacts of the proposal are likely to be so significant that it will not be possible to fully mitigate for them and that consequently that in our opinion the project should not go forward. Ultimately, it is for the client to make this decision, but obviously our fee refund guarantee will not apply in these circumstances.


Our website is intended to provide information on the considerations and procedures required to meet the Ecological / Arboricultural requirements of the planning process. However, individual planning authorities and often individuals within planning authorities, can differ slightly as to what they expect a planning applicant to provide for validation purposes.



Therefore, no website can replace talking directly to us -

Office: 0800 888 6846 / MD Paul Diamond - Mobile: 07736 458609


We are more than happy to discuss any proposals that you might have, or talk through your Ecological or Arboricultural concerns.


If you would rather email us details, please do so:


So, whether you are an experienced Architect / Planning Consultant, a Developer, or a Home Owner looking to undertake a project of whatever size, talking to us at an early stage will cost you nothing, but might save you a lot.


We offer a full suite of Ecological Surveys and Arboricultural Surveys and Reports. Please click on the various links provided (above and below), to access the relevant information.

Habitat Surveys

Phase 1 Surveys

Extended Phase 1 Surveys

Hedgerow Surveys

NVC Surveys


Ecological Impact Assessment (EIA)

Bat Surveys

Bat Scoping Surveys

Emergence Surveys

Activity Surveys

Hibernation Surveys

Tree Surveys - BS5837/2012


‘Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition & Construction – Recommendations’.





Protected Species Surveys

         Reptile                    Surveys

 We have experience with all        native UK reptiles and would be pleased to discuss your needs

       Dormouse               Surveys

 We are able to undertake  dormouse surveys and design  suitable mitigation stratigies

Great Crested Newt (GCN) Surveys

Our licenced surveyors are able to undertake all of your GCN needs 

           Bird                      Surveys

Nesting bird surveys, Cirl bunting surveys, Winter bird surveys, Wetland bird surveys. Discuss your requirements with us.

Other Surveys

   Invertebrate             Surveys

Certain sites will require specific surveys for invertebrates. Ocassionally, specific species will require a focused survey. For example - Stag beetles

General Botany and NVC Surveys

Unusual or particular habitats may require surveys focused on plant species. We can undertake surveys at various levels of detail

 Badger Surveys

Badgers and their Setts are protected. We can provide surveys tailored to meet the specific needs of your site

  Lichen and             Bryophyte                Surveys

Lichens and Bryophytes are specialist species. Certain habitats may require that these species are adequately surveyed for

Otters and Water Voles are 'Protected Species'

Albeit under different legislation.

If you have water on or adjoining your property / site,

you might require a survey for these species.

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